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Catco Control: The Solution to Your Automation Needs

Catco Control images to illustrate the launch of this new product from Catco
September 22, 2021 0 Comments

Catco control is here! How many times have you wanted to control the catalytic heater in your energy and utility operations in a more flexible way? Choose between manual and auto? Set a program to control the heater based on the temperature of the fluid? Or, perhaps instead, the temperature of the surroundings your heater is placed in?

You now can – with Catco Control.

Catco has been working behind the scenes to develop a product that will give you the convenience of automating your Catco catalytic heater. Our new product is Catco Control.

We’ve developed it to be completely autonomous. It turns on and off according to the parameters you give it. It can also be run in “On” mode to operate continuously.

In addition, the new Catco Control provides you with another solution. You can now manage your catalytic heaters within your data-acquisition systems. When integrated, the Control supports remote monitoring and operation to prevent downtime in critical infrastructure.

Let’s take a closer look at some detail.

What’s Does the Catco Control System Involve?

Our system combines a catalytic heater with an embedded thermostatic controller inside a weatherproof housing. In addition, the housing mounts to a terminal block enclosure that contains power and communication connections. These communication connections then use the Modbus RTU protocol capabilities we’ve installed.

For those who like extra detail, Modbus is a serial communication protocol dating back to 1979. It’s a well-established method for sending information between electronic devices. The fact that it’s tried and tested ensures the Catco Control will be reliable in use.

The Modbus RTU transmits signals from your catalytic heater controller back to a main controller and data-gathering system. These data transfer to your computer. Your tech team can then analyze them for tighter control if necessary.

How Does Catco Control Work?

You place the process thermocouple according to what you wish to measure or record. This might be the gas stream temperature or the ambient temperature.

Next, you set your chosen parameters to control the heater’s behavior. This includes clocking the temperatures at which the heater will turn on or off. Setting “Auto” mode allows the heater to run itself based on these on/off set points.

What Are the Advantages of Catco Control?

1 Complete Autonomy

You set it and forget it using “Auto” mode. As we said above, you can therefore program your heater behavior based on a continuously measured input temperature plus user-defined parameters.

2 Safety

Safety is paramount in all industries. For this reason, we’ve taken possible power outages into account. The gas solenoid is only open when energized, so no gas can escape.

In addition, we’ve also taken precautions against component failures. This is despite the fact that catalytic heaters offer longevity and cost-effectiveness. So, if a heater component fails, safety parameters shut off the gas and turn the heater off. This also prevents gas from venting into the atmosphere.

3 Efficiency

The heater connects to your Catco Control unit and only operates when you wish. You can therefore maintain adequate temperatures without wasting gas. In addition, catalytic heaters are always highly efficient at combusting gas. Today’s economic climate makes this essential.

We Can Help You With a Catco Control

With its flexibility and connected status, Catco Control is the ideal way to take control of the catalytic heaters you use in your industry. Contact us today to discuss your needs and we’ll help you solve them with Catco Control.

Image © Catco