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Catco CXE: an Explosion-Proof Electric Heater to Exceed Your Expectations

image of product to illustrate the launch of Catco CXE explosion-proof electric heater
January 12, 2022 0 Comments

This month, we welcome the Catco CXE explosion-proof electric heater to our family of offerings.

Catco’s niche will always be our famous explosion-proof gas catalytic heaters, but we realized there was a need to expand our options to include electric heating.

Our team is therefore excited to announce the launch of Catco CXE heaters! We’ve included this product in our portfolio to provide our customers with a high-quality electric alternative for situations where gas catalytic heaters are not desired or possible.

We offer the Catco CXE heater in multiple configurations to allow users to customize a heater to their unique requirements. Configuration options include fan size, power output, heater line voltage, and many more!

There are lots of reasons the Catco CXE might be just what you need. We’ll talk about some of them here. But first, what exactly are these heaters?

What is a Catco CXE Heater?

It’s an explosion-proof electric heater designed for hazardous locations. For example, this might be:

  • petrochemical manufacturing facilities
  • oil and gas production facilities
  • refineries
  • chemical storage areas
  • waste water treatment plants
  • the mining industry
  • anywhere you have combustibles like grain, dust, coal, wood, or plastic.

Because of the rugged places the Catco CXE will need to survive, it’s built to the highest standards for heavy industrial use.

How is This Ruggedness Demonstrated in the Design?

The CXE is designed to meet U.S. and Canadian certification standards. For example. the heater is made of Epoxy/Polyester powder-coated heavy-gauge steel to meet the most demanding environments. And both the immersion heater, the fan, and the motor assembly are of the highest quality.

In addition, all the CXE’s parts are not only robust and durable but also easy to maintain. When you invest in weighty, fixed equipment, field servicing is essential. For this reason, the Catco CXE has a removable heat exchanger core assembly, split fan guard, and replaceable automatic and manual reset high-limits.

And just to prove our complete faith in this equipment, we give you a 36-month warranty!

How Will the Catco CXE Electric Heater Benefit You?

In those places where you need primary or supplemental heating, you can be assured the Catco CXE offers you heat that is

  • safe,
  • reliable,
  • dependable, and
  • available when you need it.

In hazardous locations, these traits are key.

In addition, the durable and strategic design maximizes heat transfer. This is due to its roll-formed aluminum fins.

And to offer you more control of the heat, the Catco CXE has adjustable aluminum louvres to direct air flow. Moreover, you can also control the air temperature with either an optional explosion-proof built-in room thermostat or an optional external room thermostat.

We offer various formats of mounting brackets which combine with a stiffened top panel that improves mounting strength. All of this is so we can take into account how substantial your walls and ceilings may or may not be.

Contact us today to arrange a time when we can listen to your needs and discuss which Catco CXE Heater will meet them. We offer, as always, a completely customized solution.

Image © Catco

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