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Category: Freeze Prevention

Natural Gas System Reliability: Preparation for the Next Big Freeze

October 20, 2021 0 Comments
snow storm landscape to illustrate natural gas system reliability getting prepared for storms

Is natural gas system reliability a given this winter? Most of us will not have forgotten Storm “Uri” that caused widespread outages in February 2021 – especially if we were among the many millions without power. Crucial natural gas production was widely held up due to lack of electricity. And electricity failed without its primary fuel source, natural gas. Could this happen again? Here, we’ll look at what happened, what...

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Prevent Frozen Production and Increase Productivity with Catalytic Heaters

December 17, 2020 0 Comments
Prevent Frozen Production and Increase Productivity with Catalytic Heaters

In the oil and gas industry, often, your equipment is subject to harsh conditions. That can mean extremely cold temperatures, or areas of high pressure, or places with poor gas quality. Many sites don’t have permanent power supplies, which limits heating solutions to unsafe, impractical, or expensive options. But you need to protect valves and regulators from freezing to avoid shutdowns and keep productivity high. How Do You Increase Productivity...

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Catalytic Heaters for Oil and Gas Equipment

November 11, 2020 0 Comments
oil and gas equipment

How can you keep your valves, equipment, and even your people from freezing in tough conditions on a remote site? Even in less-harsh conditions, large pressure cuts and wet gas can cause freezes. Resulting in shutdowns, which cause a serious loss of revenue. But there’s a better option than simply hoping things don’t freeze (the plan of many oil and gas sites we’ve seen) or a hastily installed patchwork of...

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