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Catalytic Heaters for Oil and Gas Equipment

oil and gas equipment
November 11, 2020 0 Comments

How can you keep your valves, equipment, and even your people from freezing in tough conditions on a remote site? Even in less-harsh conditions, large pressure cuts and wet gas can cause freezes. Resulting in shutdowns, which cause a serious loss of revenue.

But there’s a better option than simply hoping things don’t freeze (the plan of many oil and gas sites we’ve seen) or a hastily installed patchwork of heat tape and insulation.

Catalytic Heaters for Oil and Gas Equipment

Catalytic heaters are a flameless, safe solution that is adaptable to work in nearly any oil or gas job site. Preventing freezes before they happen can save you tens of thousands of dollars in labor costs. As well as productivity losses, and safety concerns as well.

Catalytic heaters provide heat without a flame, which is essential for safety in the oil and gas industry. They work by generating a chemical reaction between the preheated catalyst and natural gas, and that reaction produces safe, efficient heat. With no moving parts or the ability to run in sites without permanent electrical power, they’re the perfect solution for your needs.

At Catco, we offer several kinds of catalytic heaters to provide a complete heating and freeze-prevention solution for you. Our heaters include:

Heated Enclosure Packages – directly heat a valve or regulator to prevent a freeze caused by ambient temperature, pressure drops, or wet gas.

Instrument Gas Heating Assemblies – for applications requiring a safe supply of heated gas, like pilot-operated regulators, control valves, and other instruments.

Space Heating – because people get cold just like equipment! Ideal for buildings and enclosures where you need to raise the temperature of the entire space or a specific area.

Check out our full product listings to learn more.

Catco Are Experts in Oil and Gas Applications

We have been serving the oil and gas industry for 30 years. We specialize in oil and gas applications, so we understand your unique challenges. Want to learn more about how catalytic heaters work? Check out our complete guide or schedule your product demo today to see it for yourself.