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Catco Status: Remote Monitoring For Your Catalytic Heaters

Catco Status installed in an enclosure so you can monitor your heaters from afar
February 23, 2022 0 Comments

Catco Control, released in 2021, was developed as a total automation solution. But what if you don’t have the need or want the complexity of full automation? If you’d like the peace of mind of knowing whether your heaters are working without physically checking on them, Catco Status is here.

Introducing Catco Status

Catco Status is a small device that will make a big impact on your cold-weather readiness.

The reason is that this unique product consists of:

1 a thermocouple inserted into your instrument gas heater or enclosure

2 a digital controller installed with other electrical instrumentation. Users can therefore connect the controller unit to their site automation. As a result, they can monitor for real-time status of their catalytic heaters.

How Does Monitoring Help?

  • Firstly, it reduces travel expenses resulting from special trips to check on heaters
  • Secondly, it reduces risk associated with traveling to equipment locations in dangerous conditions
  • Lastly, it improves equipment uptime by freeing up field personnel to address other issues

Catco Status Has Several Other Benefits

  • Integration. You can easily integrate Catco Status into your existing communication infrastructure and automation systems for real-time feedback.
  • Safety. You can avoid costly damage to your equipment by taking action immediately if you confirm the heater’s status has changed.
  • Reliability. You will know if the product that your catalytic heater protects is still functioning as you intended without having to regularly check by hand. This might be, for instance, a gas pipe in freezing weather or your animals in the barn.  This ensures the integrity of your systems.

Together, these benefits deliver effective and efficient results.

Moreover, Catco Status is an efficient and reliable product that can monitor various components according to your needs.

We Can Help You

Contact us today to discuss your specific business needs. We’ll help you explore the perfect solution for you using Catco Status to help you remotely monitor your heaters.

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