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Catalytic Heaters in Agriculture: What’s the Benefit?

Chickens in a hatchery to illustrate the use of catalytic heaters in agriculture
July 20, 2021 0 Comments

Catalytic heaters provide several benefits to the agriculture industry – all related to a specific need for safety and economy when viewed in the context of

  • animal comfort,
  • poor insulation of farm buildings, and
  • the presence of dirt, dust and flammable materials.

Open flame heaters would provide a fire hazard in these circumstances. In contrast, a catalytic heater is not only flameless but directs the heat to the specific area with minimal waste.

Versatile and Flexible Heaters For the Agriculture Sector

Catalytic heaters offer versatility for farm heating because you can easily customize them. In addition, you can install your chosen heater designs in various positions such as on a platform, hanging from the ceiling, or floor standing.

The flexibility of catalytic heaters has been around for a long time. But it’s now possible to use technology to improve their ease of operation. With the arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT), sensors can track catalytic heaters in real time and adjust them automatically to maintain the desired temperature wherever you’ve installed them.

IoT control is therefore convenient and time-saving for farmers – for heaters in farm sheds and also in outside agricultural areas, such as greenhouses, water troughs, and wash sheds.

The Agriculture Sector: a Perfect Match For Catalytic Heaters

Ideal locations for catalytic heaters include:


Whether you’re housing animals, storing fodder, or drying crops, the heat must be precisely directed in order to minimize heat loss. In addition, the temperature needs to be consistent for comfort. Hygiene and safety issues also dictate that the output should not contaminate the air in the barn.

Obviously, if the barn stores chemicals, paint, other flammable materials, or machinery that has a petrol tank, the clear choice is a flameless catalytic heater.

Similarly to barns, horse arenas face heat loss due to poor insulation. Catalytic heaters provide comfort with infrared heat directed specifically towards floors and ceilings.

Poultry houses

Safe, radiant infrared heat directed at the floor area is essential where you have low ceilings over the chicks and their disheveled environment. This keeps every chick at a specific temperature even when free to move around.


Greenhouses are an obvious choice for the installation of catalytic heaters. You can control the temperature precisely to maintain growing conditions throughout the season. This benefits the farm’s production levels – and therefore ROI – by having plant-safe heat for delicate fruit, vegetables, flowers, or cannabis crops. The lack of heat waste also brings fuel savings.

Other Benefits of Catalytic Heaters to the Agriculture Industry

  • You can heat additional labor accommodations on site.
  • There is a ready supply of natural gas and oxygen for fuel.
  • Where a temporary heat source is required, you can safely transport one to another farm building.
  • You can keep water troughs for livestock ice free year round.
  • Outside toilets and wash houses for either camping facilities or seasonal laborers can remain functional in any weather.

Catco Can Supply a Custom Catalytic Heater for Your Agricultural Business

We have an extensive range of catalytic heaters for various functions.

You can ask us for a complete, customized solution for your needs, and we will always back up your purchase with first-rate customer support.

Request a demo or schedule a discovery call, and we’ll explore solutions that work for your agricultural business needs.

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