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Prevent Frozen Production and Increase Productivity with Catalytic Heaters

Prevent Frozen Production and Increase Productivity with Catalytic Heaters
December 17, 2020 0 Comments

In the oil and gas industry, often, your equipment is subject to harsh conditions. That can mean extremely cold temperatures, or areas of high pressure, or places with poor gas quality. Many sites don’t have permanent power supplies, which limits heating solutions to unsafe, impractical, or expensive options.
But you need to protect valves and regulators from freezing to avoid shutdowns and keep productivity high.

How Do You Increase Productivity with Catalytic Heaters?

Catco heaters are a unique solution for this common industry issue. A flameless heater – powered by a catalytic reaction – that don’t require a permanent electrical supply. A preheated catalyst inside the heater generates a chemical reaction when it makes contact with natural gas, and that reaction generates heat.

Catalytic heaters are highly efficient as initial costs are low, and ongoing operating expenses are kept to a minimum as they don’t require electricity. That means in harsh winter conditions, you’ll have the ability to keep your valves and regulators from freezing even in remote areas.

Preventing shutdowns due to frozen equipment could save you tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity before they happen. Undoubtedly downtime and delays have real costs. Obviously, finding a solution that doesn’t just help you fix them but actually prevents them from happening at all is well worth an investment.

We Can Help!

Keeping your site running smoothly throughout the entire winter is possible – with help from the Catco catalytic heater. As well as that you can increase productivity with catalytic heaters. Try our Product Finder to find the heating solution that’s right for you today.