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What are Heated Enclosure Packages?

illustratioon of one of Catco heated enclosure packages
August 20, 2021 0 Comments

Heated enclosure packages are the most efficient form of freeze-prevention in the market. This is because they are built to directly heat a valve or regulator in order to prevent freezing. Catco has developed a wide range of heated enclosure packages that are used throughout the oil and gas industry.

The reason for developing this range of heated enclosures is that, in oil and gas applications, any valve or regulator may present challenges when faced with some combination of:

A tailored enclosure package therefore confines the heater’s radiant output to the area of need. The enclosures can include one or more catalytic heaters mounted inside. The stainless-steel enclosure protects the heater itself from contaminants and condensation caused by environmental conditions.

Temperature-sensitive equipment that benefits from heated enclosure packages includes:

  • measuring instrumentation
  • motor valves
  • high-pressure regulators
  • gas pipelines
  • flow control valves (e.g. choke valves)
  • equipment where moisture ingress is undesirable.

Let’s look more closely at heated enclosure packages in the oil and gas industry.

Heated Enclosure Packages in the Oil and Gas Industry

The frequent use of heated enclosures in the oil and gas industry is due to the wide variety items that need freeze protection in extreme conditions or when there is a significant pressure drop in the gas.

When a gas expands from high pressure to low pressure, the temperature of the gas decreases. This is due to the Joule-Thomson effect. If the decrease is significant enough, the regulator can freeze. This causes a buildup of ice on the outside of the pump or inside the regulator.

The enclosure protects the catalytic heater that maintains high body temperature of the equipment  to prevent freezing. It also avoids hydrate forming as the temperature falls. The operation and/or readings then remain consistently accurate.

Overall, the advantages of a heated enclosure package include:


Installation is quick and easy. In most cases, installation is simply a matter of snapping the enclosure package around the appliance or pipe and supplying gas to the heater. A hinge door provides easy access for your product maintenance or repair.


Heat is directed on the particular object. Energy is not wasted on heating other objects or the air surrounding them because the package enclosure prevents escape.


Because of the different shapes and sizes of various valves and regulators, different enclosure packages are available for different equipment.

Catco Control

In addition, Catco has now developed their newest product, Catco Control, in order to automate your Catco catalytic heater. The new Catco Control provides you with a solution to managing your catalytic heaters within your data-acquisition systems. When integrated, it supports remote monitoring and operation to prevent downtime in critical infrastructure.

Why Choose a Catco Heated Enclosure Package?

Catco heated enclosure packages alleviate freezing challenges faced in the oil and gas – as well as the industrial and agriculture – industries. Catco focuses on solving our customers’ problems and has a history of personalized and ongoing customer service.

We have a range of catalytic heaters and enclosures. They offer a simple, reliable, and safe way to heat spaces and critical equipment, including in hazardous environments. We’re here to help. Let us know what your project requires, what your challenges are, and what you want to heat. Contact us today!

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